Land Surface Temperature
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Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Portal

Land surface temperature and emissivity (LST&E) products are used in wide variety of applications and are available at multiple spatial resolutions from a few meters to many kilometers. The primary objective of this group is to help the community reconcile the differences between products to enable the products to be readily interchanged depending on product availability for any given location. In 2008 the scientific community engaged in generating LST&E products held an LST workshop  at the NOAA offices in Asheville, North Carolina to bring the community together to start addressing what needs to be accomplished in order to meet their primary objective. Items that plan to be addressed in the near future include:

a. Define protocols for the validation of remotely sensed LST&E
b. Define protocols for the collection of in situ LST&E data
c. Define the necessary metadata for LST&E remote sensing
d. Define the necessary metadata for in situ LST&E data
d. Identify existing sites where suitable LST&E data are acquired